XSteam easily rejuvenates the fabric

Xsteam proudly offers consumers a wide range of home and travel steamer products. We combine well-designed,

top-of-the-line steam technology with refined craftsmanship and easy-to-use features for home and travel

comfort. Enjoy the natural benefits of steam with our modern designs in home and travel garment steamers

and other appliances.

Xsteam continually works to develop and bring consumers the best in home appliances. Fashion professionals

know steam is the best way to press and freshen clothes, remove wrinkles and odors and leave clothes with a

professional-looking finish and perfect creases. Steam cleaning saves users time and money by skipping the

dry cleaner’s, as well as avoiding toxic chemicals and potential allergens present in most cleaning agents.

Steam cleaning will change the way you think about fabric care. Steam is a natural disinfectant, perfect

for baby clothes and bedding!

People like the fact that they can steam their clothes right on the hangers. They do not need to purchase

special stands or other devices. Xsteam steamers also freshen and remove allergens from other cloth items

like mattresses, draperies and upholstered furniture. They work well when caring for delicate or vintage

fabrics that should not be machine washed. Silk, acrylic, and cashmere are particularly well-suited for


Business suits also do well with Xsteam care. Steaming easily and quickly relaxes and rejuvenates the

fabric fibers of the suit, cleaning and deodorizing it as well as prolonging the life of the garment. Steam

care of your clothing makes clothes last longer because it is gentler on all fabrics. It does not compress

the clothing as with ironing, and the garment is not subjected to harsh chemicals. Stretched clothes can

also be steamed back to their original shape.
As an alternative to dry cleaning, steam cleaning outperforms in several ways. It removes stubborn stains

by directing high-temperature steam at the trouble area. The steam does not stain clothes, and there is no

metallic odor left behind as with dry cleaning. In fact, using a steam cleaner for clothing, bedding,

upholstery, and curtains help control allergens like dust mites and pollens in the home better than other

cleaning methods.

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