Trends in Business and TikTok

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In today’s podcast episode, we discuss how to use social media to get leads for your business.

– How she started her own startup and digital marketing agency
– Why she never turns down a client
– How she was able to get client during the early stages of her business
– Why Social Media is incredibly valuable at this time
– Trends in the social media industry, and how to get ahead despite saturation
– How to grow your followers
– How to turn Likes in Clients
– Obstacles that companies and solopreneurs face and how to overcome it
– How to incorporate social media into email marketing, media buying, and influencer marketing
– What types of messages should you be responding to? How “personal” should you get?”
– How does TikTok compare to Instagram when it comes to business?
– How to use TikTok for your business
– Should you do the TikTok “challenges” and “dances”
– Biggest mistakes people make on social media
– How to continue to get leads during the pandemic
– The importance of branding and having your website
– How your site speed you ruin your business