The periodic table of elements video

Learn science and the table of elements. This is great kids science videos, so watch now.

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The periodic table for kids video introduces chemistry for kids with basic elemental science. Emerson Loves discusses matter, atoms, molecules, elements, and elemental compounds. She also recites the entire periodic table, all 118 elements, from memory while dressed as Albert Einstein. Pretty impressive for a 5-year-old girl. You will definitely enjoy this learning video for kids. The content of the video is appropriate for any and all kids interested in science. It could be used to supplement homeschool learning for kindergarten science, 1st grade science, 2nd grade science, or even 3rd grade science. Emerson Loves produces great learning videos for kids covering a variety of topics, but science videos for kids is one of her favorite videos to create.

Kid science is so important for children to become exposed to early in their development. Just hearing scientific words and being introduced to early science concepts will make kids much more receptive and comfortable with what can often be an intimidating subject for kids of all ages.

Watch this video several times with your kids and you might ignite a love of learning and a love of science that will make every other school subject much easier to comprehend.

Emerson Loves was 4-years-old when she learned the periodic table of elements, and she recites it from memory with a tempo that helps kids learn the periodic table of elements. Emerson Loves makes kid science fun.

STEM learning or even STEAM learning concepts should be introduced to children in their toddler years. With the multitude of toy videos and toy unboxing videos on YouTube you would be better served playing videos from Emerson Loves in the background of your playroom instead of the mindless content that saturates the online content.

Expanding the sounds that kids hear, increasing their exposure to new words, when children are learning to speak, is proven to help in their development and leads to a stronger vocabulary and better results in school. Emerson Loves will introduce a multitude of complex words that when heard enough by your children, will begin to show up in their everyday conversation.

Soon Emerson Loves will be posting more content at a greater rate including science experiments for kids and a wide array of educational videos for kids.

Emerson Loves has already been featured on several lists highlighting the best new YouTube channels for children. Introduce your kids to Emerson Loves on YouTube and you will be thrilled with the content that they are exposed to and they will be entertained with high-quality educational content for kids.
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