The miniature kitchen tour

A accurate scale model miniature kitchen take the interesting tour.

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Real Miniature Kitchen | Organized Cute Tiny Kitchen Tour | Wooden functional dream kitchen Tour
Our DIY entirely organized miniature kitchen is a new functional dream kitchen. We would like to share with you a mini kitchen design, extreme real working kitchen decor, completely working miniature kitchen tools for miniature cooking.

Welcome, Home!
We like to share with you kindly, 👩‍🍳 Amma’s Tiny Kitchen is entirely functional miniature appliances and furniture. This adorable tiny modern kitchen is a fun and dreams blessed project. Let’s cook 🥣 real mini food: Favourite world recipe with a practical, in the miniature kitchen.

0:00 Intro Amma’s Tiny Kitchen
0:06 Overview of Our Tiny Kitchen Tour
0:10 Modern Lighting System
1:35 Real Miniature Sink
1:58 Bamboo-Wood Cabinets
3:25 Glass Wall Shelf
3:40 Wood Windows with a Fabric Curtain
3:48 Real Succulent Plants with Ceramic Pots
4:28 Bamboo Wood Utensil Set
4:51 Bamboo Wood Cutting Board
5:06 Knife Set with a Wooden Block
5:55 Mini Electric Fridge
6:52 Dining Room
7:14 Wood Dining Tables Set of 4 Chairs
8:08 Dining Room Decoration
8:31 Bookshelf
9:29 Electric Tiny Oven
10:12 Miniature Gas Stove
11:01 Behind the Kitchen
11:50 Thank You Card

Our Miniature Cooking Episode Links
1. Cute! Miniature Cooking Samosa at Tiny Kitchen

2. Wow! Miniature Cooking wheat Noodles

Amma Tiny Kitchen’s Interior Design is Nature Woods Theme
Working Miniature list:
🔥 Miniature gas stove (Burner control low/high),
🚰 Miniature sink (Water supply),
❄️ Mini electric fridge (Cooling system),
🥧 Electric tiny oven (Baking and roaster),
🍜 Little electric grinder,
💡 Modern miniature lighting system,
🪑 Real miniature wood dining tables set of 4 chairs,
🗄️ Adorable bamboo-wood tiny kitchen cabinets (Working drawers and doors),
🔪 Miniature knife set with a wooden block,
🚪 Wood small windows with a fabric window curtain,
🌱 Real succulent plants with ceramic pots,
🍳 Tiny stainless steel, cast iron, and non-stick cookware set,
☕ Real stone, wood and clay/mud cooking pot set, etc.