Qigong for fitness

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Tai Chi Ball, where a ball is held and rotated in the hands, has been a fundamental training exercise in Chinese martial arts for centuries. Tai Chi Ball is another excellent practice for Tai Chi lovers. These exercises combine the use of footwork, waist and hand movements which, through regular and dedicated practice, will enable greater fitness and better health. Based on the ancient theories of Daoist and Chinese philosophies, building internal energy through the regular practice of Tai Yi Tai Chi Ball will enable practitioners to better understand the principles of yin-yang theory, the foundation the Chinese internal martial arts.
The ancient training of Tai Chi Ball was kept secret by Daoist monks for centuries and was passed down in secret over many generations. Although many Chinese martial artists had heard rumours of the existence of this system of internal strength training, it has only been since the late 20th century that this rare and secret method has come to a wider audience.
Tai Yi Tai Chi Ball is suited to all ages and levels of fitness. For the martial arts enthusiasts it will help strengthen the body’s foundation of strength, flexibility and power and will enhance the understanding and application of Kungfu, fighting (sanda), pushing hands (tui shou), grappling (chin na) and weapons (wuqi) skills. For the Tai Chi Chuan and Kungfu enthusiast, Tai Yi Tai Chi Ball exercises will deepen an understanding of internal energy (qi) and methods for applying the eight principles of Tai Chi Chuan (ward-off, roll back, push, press, grab, break, elbow strike, shoulder strike). For older and younger practitioners, Tai Yi Tai Chi Ball is a great exercise to improve cardiovascular and skeletal system function and achieve a greater sense of overall better health. It is also fun and challenging for the mind as well as the body.
In order to pass on this rare and valuable secret of Tai Yi Tai Chi Ball, Master Yunkuo Wang has attempted to summarise his years of practice and knowledge of this internal martial art into a book which is available at: https://www.kungfu-republic.com.au/kung-fu-books/