Official yung Dre Music in NJ way sexy

I was interested in Yung Dre after seeing one of his videos online. I decided to send this Yung Dre a message to see who this person was and what the inspiration for his music was. His music…. Not like the typical Rappers of today, he doesn’t use profanity, doesn’t talk about ballin’ and he has no “bling bling” (at least from what I could see) .
Who is Yung Dre? A 16 year old student with a 3.7 gpa, respectful, articulate and funny. I was surprised by his friendliness and how approachable he was. He was clear in his speech and, I could see how rapping was suited for him. I asked him if he REALLY came up with his lyrics, which he responded by saying, “ha ha ha of course, I write ALL my stuff, and it’s 100{fbef8be81312092ba4acf74930f272a4b66f87b18fe78b5d4218c05a04c2e976} original “ With catchy lines like “getting paid like taxes” or “haters ACT in my face like morgan” or my personal favorite “going ham like black forrest” Yung Dre is clever and very funny.
After sitting down in the park, I asked him, “why such serious topics, love, girlfriends, relationships and life?” “It’s all about experiences,” he said, “while I am still young, I have had some relationships that were very, shall we say “interesting””. My Dad would tell me to “be honest”, tell them the truth, and while it may hurt them in the beginning they will respect you in the end for your honesty.” Dre continues, “ It’s hard to feel like you’ve let people down, and it’s unfortunate that sometimes we as people don’t always feel the same as our partners. The pressures of being told I love you are significant, it makes you feel as if you HAVE to say I love you back. But I can’t. I just can’t. I’m always going to be true to myself. After all I’m young and there’s really no need to be so serious. I have goals, I work, I rap, I study and go to school. I’m certainly not going to feel the pressure of saying I love you, especially if I don’t actually FEEL it”.
We closed the interview laughing and talking about some of the crazy experiences someone of his age has. I must say I’m impressed. Actually very impressed. Nothing prepared me for such a deep and insightful person. His music is truly a reflection of his heart, and you will be sincerely rewarded by listening to it. Now, go check him out!