Intelligent Music – Somethings Never Change

We want to share some modern intelligent music by this rising artist. This music has kind of a lo fi music feel and of course is Electronica music. Multi-instrumentalist brings a great indie sound.

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Musician/ producer INADRM performs a song and shows each instrument being played. INADRM plays electric guitar, bass guitar, drum machine, and synthesizers during this performance.

Wonderful music tones of: Indie Electronica
If you enjoy ambient music, and This is fantastic! Listeners have said things like
“I love the atmosphere that each instrument brings to the song.”

Fans of artists as diverse as Boards of Canada, as well as My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins will certainly appreciate the sound and feel of this production, which feels lush, cinematic and wide-open. The vocals have are soothing and textural, almost acting as an additional instrument, getting lost in a beautiful sea of synth-y swirls and beautiful atmospheric sounds.