Improve your posture in a permant way

Finally, someone has made a video on how to put on the PostureNow brace. If you want to see how a posture

brace actually works, then you probably want to watch this video.

posture effects so much. Posture is going to influence a number of things such as your risk of experiencing

lower back pain, your energy levels, as well as your focus and concentration. If you’re constantly in a

slouched position all day long and not using good posture, this is going to mean that there’s far less oxygen

coming into the body and low levels of oxygen are one of the contributing factors to fatigue development.

Therefore to help boost energy levels, proper posture is a must.

This will open up the lungs, allowing you to take more oxygen into the body, which then moves into the muscle

as well as the brain cells, enhancing your overall level of energy. In addition to this, by using proper

posture and keeping good spinal column alignment, you’ll be able to play any sports or other activities that

much better as well. Using good posture will make you more stable on your feet, able to change directions

quickly as needed.

Some posture research obtained from LifeHack