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Ripped from Lumbridgecity – Runescape3 Money Making October 2013 and F2P Merchanting Guide. With the introduction of BONDS on Runescape3, Jagex say ‘THIS WILL HELP THE ECONOMY RECOVER!’

This means the best f2p items to merch will be going up in price for months to come! If you have ever asked someone ‘How do you merch?’ or ‘How do you make money’ – this is for you.

Money making on Runescape3 in October of 2013 may be one of the most epic ever in the history of merchanting on the Grand Exchange. Looking for the best items to flip?

This is the best money making guide ever created – and now is the time for making fast Runescape Money!

We are at the start of what could be the greatest BULL market ever seen on the Grand Exchange – and what could be the best profits a solo merchanter could ever ask for!!