Hobby Coins with Indie Music and even Comedy

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Friends, I Thank GOD here before you all that I FOUND another Big Money Coin !! God has guided me to do this as I prayed to him some 8 years ago.. since then doing this has made me a MULTI MILLIONANIRE.. I have a 1955 D Brass (just like this one ) on my Big money playlist. But I will sell this one… No auctions… NO mailing to anyone… this is too much CASH…FACE TO FACE. Only.. No credit cards no CASH…. Certified Checks only. This is History of the USA mint in Heavy ERROR!! I already called all certification agency but they say mail it or even if you come to our OFFICE you will have to SUBMIT it and you cant follow it towards the Backoffice due to our insurance etc. etc.
If you have a lamborghini urus or a Mazzaratie Mercedes and you ask a machinic to work on it he says NO you cant watch me work on your car.. I have to drive it away..( Would you do it) I cant.. I tried asking them I will PAY YOU DOUBLE TRIPLE the amount and the answer was NO.. so its a RAW DEAL… I cant mail 375,000 to someone to Certify and then again Wait from them to mail it back it me!! My Phone # is 202-749-4312 Multi Millionaire Only need apply for this. I will double check. No coin dealers Please. Leave me a voice msg. Where and how to contact.. a safe place like a (police station)… I am going trucking with my CDL class A license (finally after two years awaiting to do some more treasure hunting, but even better on the road more chance )!


Welcome to my channel where you will find simply so much! Mostly my page is about rare coins that I find and the ones that I own, like my personal collection. I am a Man of God and live my life trying to be a good human. Owing to my passion for music, I trained myself to be an all in one music band. From writing to composing to singing, I do it all! My channel has 17 HD music videos of mine which are waiting to be discovered.
My channel is like a hub for exploration. I am a Sci-fi writer and my first chapter is online narrated illustrated. You’ll find so much about ancient coins here. From how they were found to what they are made of, I use my curiosity to make my videos more interesting for all my viewers. But that’s not all! I post videos that pertain to current times and situations, I write, I play instruments, I explore and and explore and explore.
It’s great to be a multitasker I must say! And then I love God and give all credit to him.