History for Kids Abraham Lincoln

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This video of Abraham Lincoln for kids includes so many interesting facts and an easily understandable biography of the 16th president of the United States that is suitable for all ages. The Abraham Lincoln biography for kids will keep children entertained and teach them about one of the greatest US presidents in history. The Abraham Lincoln video for kids will teach them about the Gettysburg Address which is one of the most notable speeches in history. Did you know that Lincoln was not a fan of his nickname, Honest Abe? Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw Abraham Lincoln? Well, at the end of the video you will learn to draw Abraham Lincoln. This Abraham Lincoln video does more than just teach facts about Abraham Lincoln. It will entertain and enthrall children. There are Abe Lincoln jokes mixed in with serious topics and a great Abraham Lincoln story for kids. These Abraham Lincoln facts woven in the story of Abraham Lincoln for kids is not just Abraham Lincoln for kindergarten, it is a great overview of abe lincoln for kids of any age.

Emerson Loves learned all of the presidents of the United States in order at the age of 3. Now that she is older, she has a genuine interest in US history and all of the US presidents. But Abraham Lincoln is by far her favorite. Eventually, Emerson Loves will feature each and every president on her YouTube channels and her website. But since this is her first video, she had to feature her favorite president of all first.

Hopefully, your children will be enticed to learn more about Lincoln than just what they learn on this learning video for kids. If they are interested in learning more, they can start with a longer biography on the Emerson Loves website. Or you can check out the book that we highlighted in the video called, ‘Who was Abraham Lincoln?’ There are too many great stories about Lincoln to include in this short video for kids. I promise though, that you will learn several facts about Lincoln of which you were not already aware. Abe Lincoln might have had as much of an impact on America as any other US president. He was a very interesting person, with a very interesting history, and was one of the most motivated and exhibited more perseverance than any other US politician of which I am familiar. Everyone could learn a lesson in fortitude and effort in the example set by the 16th president of the United States of America.

Thanks for watching this video of Abraham Lincoln for kids and we hope you found the interesting facts and fun stories associated with Abraham Lincoln’s biography for kids just as interesting as Emerson Loves does.

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