Great wedding gifts under $60

Shopping for Wedding gifts on a budget, a budget less than $60 dollars! Affordable Wedding gifts that are quality and full of Love.

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Emily Loftis’s shares some of her must-have appliances for your kitchen and home this summer!

Wedding season is here and our Victoria Collection is the perfect gift (at the perfect price, too!). Check out the Victoria in White, Black, and Silver!…

We love boiling water so much we found a way to make it easier and even more fun with our latest ProntoFill technology you can fill it up with the lid on! Check out the KS612S and be mind blown by how quick and easy it can be to make your favorite beverages!…

Stay hydrated with the MSA series THERMAL MUG! It won’t just keep your hot drinks hot for 12 hours and your cold drink icy for 24 hours but it is also durable and comes with a flavor infuser. The perfect accessory for a hike in the summer heat or a day at the beach!…

The MRT06 series is your ULTIMATE TRAVEL NECESSITY! With wireless speakers, a USB port, and no batteries this tabletop mirror just became your new best friend. Charge your phone, take a phone call, listen to your favorite jams, and do your makeup – all with gorgeous lighting!…

Make your home the hotspot of the summer with our large selection of high-quality kitchen and home appliances!
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