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Professional Lawyers in Daytona Beach Take Care of You and Your Legal Needs
Mara Law P.A. serves clients in a wide range of practice areas. Across every

area, their commitment to providing personal attention to its clients remains

consistent. They answer their phones quickly and answer all questions

Trustworthy assistance in family law cases from the Family Law Firm Mara Law

,P.A., a professional law firm in the Daytona Beach Area.
The team puts great emphasis on caring for each family, they provide dedicated

service for family law cases of multiple types. They guide prospective parents

through the difficult adoption process, and protect domestic violence victims

against their abusers by using temporary protection orders.
Representation for a variety of divorce law cases through family law attorney

Mara Law P.A. in Ormond Beach, Florida
Divorce puts a harsh strain on families for children and parents. The Daytona

Beach lawyer represents parties in divorce cases to ensure the best results

for the clients’ children and to protect the clients’ rights as a parent.
Relief from potential foreclosure and lender harassment
When mortgage debt becomes too much to handle, many people face the very real

possibility of foreclosure. However, this doesn’t have to be the only option.

Mara Law firm works with the client to negotiate a deed in lieu of

foreclosure, short sales or mortgage modification.
Security for the future of the client’s family
To ensure a secure future for any family after the client’s passing, it is

imperative to work with an estate planning attorney to draft wills and trusts,

establish a power of attorney and help the loved ones to avoid the lengthy and

costly probate process.
Legal aid for business owners in need of assistance
To be able to properly focus on other important areas of a company, a business

owner needs the help of a reliable attorney to handle all of their business

legal matters. We help draft various business contracts and get a business up

and running.


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