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This outstanding and delightful talent stands out as a new Streaming Channel you will want to watch if you like creative storytelling performed with animation and puppets. Jammes Luckett, is an accomplished talented animation and film artist who has now turned her attention towards online content during these times of Covid. This relaunch of her free streaming channel sets her apart as an African American Indie film and storytelling producer.

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This is a quick introduction to Jammes Luckett, a versatile artist and entertainer who has created engaging and memorable for major and independent film and television productions, advertising agencies, record labels, and tech firms. Clients have included Sony, Lionsgate, MGM, FX Networks, Showtime, and MTV.

Hosted by a puppet, this channel trailer gives viewers a humorous taste of what subscribers can expect from this unique voice. Original music, comedic and satirical writing, animation, and much more.

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