Are sexual erotica a form of cheating or just fun

Lusty – Feeling Needy – Adult stories told in 1st person so you are the star. Relax and enjoy a few minutes
with a man’s voice after hes been tending to a man’s business. A fairly tame sample from one of the top
phone sex operators around.

Dan Kemmis aka The Voice is a renown operator when it comes to custom fantasy work, guided mediations of a
highly sexual nature and more. From a keen understanding of power exchange and bdsm to a unique story
telling skill, Dan is able to bring your fantasies to life using his voice and his ability to visualize.

Dan’s works on YouTube are fairly tame samples so that you’re able to decide if you’d like to work with
him. Enjoy a listen or two, savor a man’s voice when you’re alone.

Dan is a rich source of information and guidance. The official spokesman and product ambassador for
Resurection, a organic hemp derived CBD infused E.D. medicine or so called sex pill as well as a prolific
hypnotist, master and mastermind, his exploits on the west coast are notable. “I do make custom audio for
people who enjoy my voice” say Dan, also known as The Voice 666 of NiteFlirt fame “I’m a proud member of
the erotic hypnosis and fetish community. You can hear it in my works.” he says.

The Voice as he is called is a life long submissive to Women, an alpha’s alpha when it comes to men and a
lot of fun. Skilled in fantasy visualization and behavioral modification he listened to by many. “I do like
it. Of course” he offers before noting that “sharing my work? Damn I like that. When it gets shared.”

The Lusty Series on youtube is just a simple sample set. Contact Dan on NiteFlirt for more –

Lusty – Stories in 1st person for your alone time. 6 shorts about hanging out with an old operator. Lovers.
Friends. Co conspirators. Told in 1st person by a master storyteller, Dan “MajorPixel” Kemmis aka The Voice
666. Of NiteFlirt fame.