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Day 1 How To Travel The World For FREE SMMA Social media marketing

One resposne we recently received.
Most business, especially small business, haven’t quite accepted that they need to build an audience FIRST.

They can scale this up quickly with FB and IG advertising and then retargeting the audience, that engaged

with the ad but the truth is, most ads are ineffective. It’s been a tough year for small business and they

will either have to hire a digital marketer or learn it themselves. Adapt or die.

Ben Alistar is a 6 figure Digital Marketing Agency owner with clients worldwide!

12 Months ago Ben was homeless! It was at this point he entered the Digital Marketing space! It only took

him 6 Months to get from homeless to 6 figures with ZERO guidance!

So now he’s created… SMMA 52…

Ben is basically travelling to 52 different cities, starting 52 different marketing agencies and signing 52

different clients from every niche you can imagine!

Now for the first time ever on YouTube you get to see the entire process live on camera for FREE! From cold

calling, cold walk’ins to every other form of outreach you can think of to setting meetings, closing deals

and producing REAL results! Normally people charge $997 for this kind of content…

This series has been created so you can see exactly how the process works and how quickly your life can

change using his process!