A new release by singer-songwrite

This song writer-performer and of course the singer is just released.  Listen to this song now.

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Who says chivalry is dead? Jack Ryan proves quite the opposite in his
music video for “Just Want to Talk.” Girls tend to assume guys have
ulterior motives when they randomly strike up conversations and
immediately become apprehensive and closed off. The bouncy rhythm
and the band’s silliness show their authenticity; they know the
problems that boys cause and want to listen to what girls have to say.
The background of the clip is fairly simple, but the trio complements it
with playful behavior. The guys dance around while jamming out and
swing their legs back and forth while lying on their stomachs. The clip
is even interrupted with a quick bathroom break! A simple
conversation can move two people in so many different directions, so
if Jack Ryan ever approaches you and says, “Hey,” you know what to